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Search for: Close. Unfortunately for Mercedes, race day turned into a bit of a disaster. The Press Association reports that, after the Germany disaster, Mercedes invited Netflix back for the closing phase of the Hungarian Grand Prix one weekend later.

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The race saw Lewis Hamilton come from behind to take victory away from Max Verstappen in the closing laps. According to RaceFans , Formula 1 and Sky are rumoured to be working on a multi-part documentary to be released in Summer Benson also reports that Chase Carey and Ross Brawn are set to remain in their existing roles.

The joint event presents many decisions about which drivers will take part. I understand that series bosses are flexible as to where the series eventually ends up, and in what format. Production company Whisper filmed documentary content throughout, from the first driver selection test through to season finale. Vislink, who have held the contract since , will continue to partner with MotoGP for the next three seasons.

Elsewhere… Dieter Rencken reports that negotiations are ongoing to sell Motorsport Network.

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Billionaire Mike Zoi leads the group , which owns the likes of Motorsport. Rencken adds that Dmitry Mazepin, whose son Nikita Mazepin races in Formula Two, is in the running to purchase the group. The promotor of the World Rallycross series is reporting strong interaction figures over on Facebook.


The two parties are collaborating on a new comedy series starring Kevin James. See anything else worth mentioning on the news front? Drop a line in the comments section below. At the time, NBC wanted to retain exclusive digital rights to F1, something F1 were unwilling to let happen, as this would have prevented the over-the-top F1 TV product from launching in the US. The spin aired live on some outlets, such as Radio 5 Live and Channel 4 during their highlights show , but other outlets, such as Sky Sports F1, did not air it live.

The issue was rectified for race day. Formula 1 has launched F1 Tracks, a music playlist that will be updated on a weekly basis across major audio streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple and Deezer. The tracks are filtered into four categories Pace, Mechanical, Spirit and Fan. Sanson has worked his way through the ranks in recent years, although this was the first time he has commentated on Formula Two or Formula Three. Honestly, this is an excellent VT from start to finish, and is Top Gear at its strongest. Chris Harris narrates the piece, and takes the Lotus 79 out on-track in the latter half of the segment.

UK readers can watch the segment on BBC iPlayer here 46 minutes in , the episode available on iPlayer for the next eleven months. Elsewhere… Facebook are touting MotoGP as one of their success stories on the platform.

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Formula E season finale: A season of exciting racing nears conclusion

The deal, which covers USA, Canada, and the Caribbean, will see Fox Sports cover the first three campaigns beginning with the inaugural series in Extreme racing in extreme environments, all using the latest electric technology makes for inviting programming across multiple audiences.

Greenlight Television have announced that King of the Roads will air on Motorsport. All ten Road Races will air on a same day basis on the over-the-top platform. Spot any stories making the rounds worth mentioning?

Racing a 1500€ Car At Epic Jokkis Race In Finland - WRC 2019

Drop a line in the comments section. Formula 1 heads home to Silverstone for the British Grand Prix! Speaking to Motorsport. Herbert won the race after Hill collided with Michael Schumacher in the closing stages. Gow will be back in pit lane for 5 Live at Silverstone. Recent audience figures in the Netherlands make for interesting reading.

In comparison, coverage of the French Grand Prix averaged k France rated lower across all metrics. Austria rated lower than Monaco for both the pre-race build-up and race, noticeably closing the gap for the latter. Many electric cars have more than enough range to get a suburban driver from home to work and back again for an overnight recharge.

But longer drives, like road trips, can be a challenge. That might dissuade would-be electric vehicle owners from making the jump. A version of that problem presents itself in Formula E racing. As a result, success in Formula E largely depends on wise energy management.

British GP: Hamilton takes home win, Vettel hits Verstappen

So for Formula E teams, figuring out a way to optimize their energy efficiency can give them a competitive advantage over their rivals. That kind of innovation can make its way into road cars, increasing their efficiency and making them a more compelling alternative to their gasoline counterparts. Write to Alex Fitzpatrick at alex.