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The reasons for this are unknown.


He served as organist at the cathedral in Draguignan until , and afterwards he entrusted himself to the care of the nuns at the establishment there Les Petites Soeurs des Pauvres. He spent the last 30 of his 89 years in seclusion. By the time of his death, he had been completely forgotten, and not one French newspaper printed his obituary. Most of his surviving music is largely unknown. In a tribute to Mulet, Charles Tournemire wrote: "Henri Mulet, a strange and great artist, captive of a mystic ideal.


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A calm improviser, some times lively, some times religious. An artist worthy of the great epoch of the Masters of the Middle Ages, which, in his case, would not exclude an understanding of present-day art. They were published in II - Vitrail is inspired by the stained glass windows of this church.

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Esquisses byzantines, dix pièces pour grand-orgue: II. Vitrail

Le Vitrail. Vocabulaire typologique et technique.

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Une approche du vitrail , Cat. Blondel, Nicole, Bracco, Patrick.


Hervier, Paris, dactyl. Prosper Lafaye , peintre et peintre verrier. Le vitrail religieux, in Finance, Laurence de et alii. Barbiche, B. LXVI, n. Procession, VII.

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In Paradisum, X. Tu es petra et portae inferi non praevalebunt adversus te. Henri Mulet is a French organist, cellist and composer who was born in Montmartre. We'll make sure to deliver as soon as possible. Shipping costs will be shown at checkout. Place your order in time and mind the delivery times.

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