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Ellipsoidal Figures Equilibrium by Chandrasekhar S

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Ellipsoidal Figures Equilibrium by Chandrasekhar S - AbeBooks

No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Best Selling in Nonfiction See all. Both uniformly and nonuniformly rotating configurations are considered. Compressible generalizations are given for most classical incompressible objects, such as Maclaurin spheroids, Jacobi, Dedekind, and Riemann ellipsoids, and Roche, Darwin, and Roche-Riemann binaries. The validity of our approximations is established by presenting detailed comparisons of our results to those of recent three-dimensional computational studies. Although our treatment is quite different, the presentation of our results follows closely that of Chandrasekhar in his work on the incompressible solutions using the tensor virial method.

Ellipsoidal figures of equilibrium

In the incompressible limit, our equilibrium solutions reduce exactly to those of Chandrasekhar. For binary systems, however, our analysis improves on previous results even in the incompressible limit.

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Our energy variational method can also be used to study the stability properties of the equilibrium solutions. Both secular and dynamical instability limits can be identified.

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  7. We also study the effects of rotation and tidal forces on the radial stability of stars against gravitational collapse. Our most significant new results concern the stability properties of binary configurations.

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    Along a Roche sequence parameterized by binary separation, we demonstrate the existence of a point where the total energy and angular momentum of the system simultaneously attain a minimum. We show that such a turning point along an equilibrium sequence marks the onset of secular instability.