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There mission was to tell him about the Grants who had died less than a few hours ago. Trey finally got enough courage to go and knock on Mr. Talbot answers the door but is acting weird. Within a minute trey heard tires squealing and a all black car came racing from the house with Mr. Talbot handcuffed in the back. When he went to go walk to the car again it drove off with his friends and A dozen or more black cars pulled up. The whole house and yard was searched, but they never found Trey.

He did rescue them and at the end of the book he was planning to rejoin the population police and try to form a rebellion against them. Characterization Trey at the beginning of the book was really just a coward, but at the end of the book he had more courage than any of his friends.

He also was mad at his dead father, but by the end he was thanking him for all the stuff he taught him. Lee or Luke was the one always rescuing people from the trouble but that changed when he was arrested and was sent to prison. He was rescued by Trey who was normally a coward. Talbot was the leader of the Liber plan which wanted to set third children free. He was arrested and beaten very badly in prison, almost to the point of death. He also was rescued by Trey. Setting It all takes place in the future but technology has gone down a little bit. It started out at Mr. It moved to on the road to Nezeere which was a prison for people who disobeyed the population police.

And at the end of the book it ended up at the hendrick school. Recommendation I would recommend this book to ages twelve and up and any gender. It's a very exciting book with some funny parts and some sad. Through a series of well-timed, unfortunate events, Trey finds himself testing his illusive bravery. Being separated from Luke, he finds himself hiding out at the home of Mr.

The home has been trashed and Trey is afraid. Conjuring up more gumption, he decides to confront Mark. While deciding if Luke and Nina are in danger, they decide to rescue them, unbeknown Through a series of well-timed, unfortunate events, Trey finds himself testing his illusive bravery. Mark is captured as an enemy and Trey, once again, has to muster up his courage and rescue him.

He finds a few allies along the way, and without them, he would have no chance to find Luke, Nina, John, or Joel. Surprisingly, Trey rescues some of his friends and they find a way to temporary safety amongst an old friend. Full of danger and suspense, it leads us right into the next book in the series, Among the Enemy. Trey is an illegal third child, who has spent his whole life in hiding, until he went to Hendricks School with other third children with fake IDs. In Among the Brave , Trey is overcome with his cowardice when he is driven to Mr. Talbot works for the Population Police, who seek out illegal third children in order to bring them to justice.

However, Mr. Talbot is a double agent, and helps third children. The Plot: The entire story takes place in a little over a da Trey is an illegal third child, who has spent his whole life in hiding, until he went to Hendricks School with other third children with fake IDs. The Plot: The entire story takes place in a little over a day, and is filled with suspense. I think it's the best novel in the series so far, especially plot-wise. The Writing: The writing was simple but not choppy, and easy to read. The story is mostly told in Trey's internal workings—a work of character.

The Themes: As expected, there is a theme of bravery, which is reflected in the title, and in Trey's character arc YAY! This novel was way better than I expected—a lot of suspense—and I'm excited to read more about what happens to the illegal third children next. This was the best book in the series so far, in my opinion. It was fast paced and suspenseful; I read it in one sitting. Feb 21, Quinton added it. It was better than the last two books in the series but it still can't beat the suspense I first felt when I read it.

Jul 01, Zahoonation rated it it was amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, I am honored and proud to be writing about this book, the fifth book of the shadow children with it's heros: Trey, Mark, and our beloved other characters, this novel -may I say- deserves your loudest and strongest clapping to this wonderful novel especially and to her author, Margaret, for her incredible talent, and her inspiring ideas! D card -his father had probably made him since he was born and kept it for worst times- and took her son Trey, to Hendricks private school, where most shadow children with fake IDs lived, she left him there, with Trey having no clue what is happening, and guessing his mother just got rid of him in the first possible chance, though later on he remembered her with tears sparkling in her eyes while she walked away leaving him behind, Trey begun his journey at Hendricks, it was his first time in any place other than his room, at first being in a school which had no windows helped him to not panick or feel so much change, what could go wrong then?

Someone would ask.. Hendricks and Mr. Grant managed to push her son Smits away, and Trey managed to run straight into Luke pushing him away and covering him from the flying crystal glass shreds that cut through their skin, this was the first brave act Trey had ever done in his life, he saved the life of the bravest child he ever knew, and witnessed death for the first time in his life, even this couldn't convince Trey that he was a brave hero, he thought it was because he never had a chance to rethink it, because Trey, the normal everyday Trey was to be frightened only by being put in a situation that involves being in an open bright space, his first thought at those times always was:"hide!

Find somewhere to hide!! Talbot being arrested by the population police, he promised Mrs. Talbot he would help her, he collected papers from the Grants and the Talbot's houses, papers that he protected through all his journey, papers that turned out to be more important than he ever would've thought. Trey continued his mission, with help from the resistance people that work with the government and population police to destroy it from the inside to get freedom he broke through the danger, faced important high level officers from the population police and managed to carry on an act to save his friends, he saved Mark's life nearly three times, and then he reached his the place where his friends are prisoned, with Mark's leg broken and having burns all over him, Trey miraculously got the prison officer to get Mark a doctor, though Mark was a prisoner.

Talbot who Trey for the first time discovered was the head of the resistance with help from Nedley from the resistance and Mark who showed infinite strength by dismissing his pain, and fighting with Trey. Trey, had saved everyone's lives by his bravery, saved important papers by his well thinking, and did as he promised Mark and Mrs. Talbot and deserved Mr.


Hendrick's trust. And Trey of course didn't stop here, he is now planning to go on with what he and his friends believe, he and his friends now will work together to fulfill the same dream they all share with hundreds of shadow children: a day that will set them all free, to live the life the way they should..

Oct 26, Brandon Bastar added it. I liked it because it gave good and clear details of everything that went on in the book. It gave good perspective of each event. The book would sucked me in once I started reading. I did not want to put the book down. Plot In the beginning of the book Trey and Lee were running from the population police and had to find a new safe place to live.

Their previous place had just been raided and the Grants were killed. They were all in a limo when they arrived at the Talbot's house. Trey had to go up and knock on the door. When he got there and knocked there was nobody to answer. He then jumped down in the bushes and a black car took off out of the garage. The limo full of his friends, took off and left him there. He waited one full day before he moved out of the bushes. He was deathly scared and once it was night time he got up and spied on the neighbors.

He then found out that he knew them, so he talked to them and made a plan. The neighbor he knew was Mark. They got in a truck and went to the Grant's house. The Grant's house was their old safe house. They thought that maybe all their friends went back there to stay. When they got there, it turned out that the population police had taken over the Grant's house.

When they got closer alarms went off and Mark got captured. Trey did not know what to do. Carefully, he walked around the building trying not to act suspicious and realized that everyone was joining the population police. Trey followed along. When he got in there he panicked and started looking for Mark. He remembered a trick from when he was younger. He could climb through the air vents to go from room to room. He found Mark in a room and a prison guard came down and had a talk with Mark.

They made a deal with the guard, who turned out to be Mr. Talbot would set all of their friends free if he could come with them. They agreed and they got the truck. They picked up Mr. Talbot and all the friends. They all ran away to a safe house that Mr. Hendrix left for them.

Trey found a list of all other third children who joined the population police. Then they realized the kids were the key to take down the population police. Characterization Trey was the main character who was brave enough to risk his own life for his friends.

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Mark is Lee's brother, another main character, who was risking his life to save Lee. Lee was Trey's best friend and Mark's brother. He was captured by the population police. He was the reason why they went on the whole mission. Talbot was the rich man who was taken out of his house by the population police in the beginning of the book. He also turned out to be the guard who set the boys free and helped rescue all their friends. Recommendations I would recommend this book for boys and girls age It is an interesting book that sucks you in once you start reading. I give this book a three out of five stars.

May 16, Blake Conwell added it. Personal Response: You have to read the rest of the books in the series. It's easy to read and that's a good thing for weak readers. The story line is getting really good, so can't wait until i'm done reading them. Hopefully they can overrule the government and make kids legal again. Plot: Among The Brave is about four young kids trying to plan an escape to get Luke Gardner out of the population police jail before the police try to kill him. The main character's friend "Luke" has been taken priso Personal Response: You have to read the rest of the books in the series.

The main character's friend "Luke" has been taken prisoner by the population police. The reason why the population police are trying to kill Luke is because Luke, Trey, Nina and Mark are all illegal third children trying to hide and rebel against the population police.. Luke was captured while stunned and surprised. All Luke can do is sit, wait and hope while his friends thinks of a plan without having any intuition on how to get someone out of one of the most guarded jails in the country.

Though they do have one person who could help them, an inside man. Thier inside man is a person named Mr. Talbot is a agent for the population police and the reason why he is going to help them is because Mr. Talbot had an illegal third child named Jen Talbot. Sadly, when Jen was trying to lead a rebellion against the unfair treatment about third children one the guards killed everyone there. Luke was very good friends with Jen when they were little and since Mr.

Talbot now despises the population police because of that incident, he will do anything to bring the population police down. So Luke may be able to escape of the prison if everyone follows the plan, works together and is brave.

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Characterization: Trey: He is a very shy and awkward person. He doesn't like doing anything risky or dangerous. Really smart kid. Talbot is trying to free the kids. It's a awesome story line, not confusing at all. Had more action than any of the books so far. I give 5 stars out of 5 stars. May 20, Ryley Hofferber rated it it was amazing. Personal response: I liked this book a lot because of the ongoing story line throughout this series. This story kept me very interested through the whole entire book. The way the author writes is very intriguing and keeps me interested.

Plot: Trey was a very scared third child for along time. He was scared to even see other people when he was first introduced. Trey became one of the bravest characters i Personal response: I liked this book a lot because of the ongoing story line throughout this series. Trey became one of the bravest characters in the book after this adventure and after he saved all of his friends!

He had to break all of his friends and Mr. Talbot out of population police custody, which was no easy task at all. Characterization: Trey advanced a lot as a character in this book. He went from being very scared of even the smallest movement or a little noise, to becoming extremely courageous and saving all of his friends from death. Mark, who was also another main character, contributed a lot to the story line.

Mark got seriously injured during this story by breaking his leg.

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Impact of settings: The setting for this book is based in the population police headquarters where everyone man, woman, and child are all signing up for the population police. The time this book took place is many years in the future when third children are illegal.

Recommend: I would recommend this book to kids ages This was a very good book that I will tell all my fellow friends about. I rate this book a five out of five stars because I have really enjoyed this whole series. I will continue to read more books by the author Margaret Peterson Haddix. Feb 26, Becky rated it liked it Shelves: reviews , librarybook.

First sentence: Great, Trey thought. I do one brave thing in my entire life, and now it's like, 'Got anything dangerous to do? Send Trey. He can handle it. Trey, the narrator, faces great challenges in this one. For Trey, going outside is an act of bravery. So when all of his friends disappear, and the trustworthy adults in his life disapp First sentence: Great, Trey thought.

So when all of his friends disappear, and the trustworthy adults in his life disappear as well, he's at a loss. He teams up for a while with Luke's brother, Mark. Can Trey find a way to save everyone? My thoughts: The world Haddix created is turned upside down by revolution.

But it's a revolution that won't do third children any favors. Freedom still seems to be an impossible dream. Usually the more action a book has, the less important character development is. That's so far from the case in this series. The books remain thoughtful--contemplative. Yet there's so much going on! Danger abounds. Dec 15, Carmen Yeung rated it really liked it Shelves: advisory.

The book Among the Brave by Margaret Peterson Haddix interest me a lot with their unpredictable events that happen to the main character. In page 31, I figured out that Trey's friend was an illegal children. Then he was followed by population polices, because his parents are captured by the police. He was helped by his friends named Mark, which helped him get to Mr. Talbot to help them. He gets help from his friends to save his other friend Luke.

I really loved this book, how the children in this The book Among the Brave by Margaret Peterson Haddix interest me a lot with their unpredictable events that happen to the main character. I really loved this book, how the children in this book help each other because they were in need of help that they cant finish it by themselves. I like how they help each other, because they know they will be there for each other if someone needs help.

I will be as brave as them and find my goal by reading more and trying to get better in grammar. I enjoy this book as much as I am with my literature book called Hunger Game. Jun 07, Lorihudeck rated it it was amazing. This is probably my favorite book in the series. The protagonist is now Trey Jackson which annoys many of my students because they just want to know what is going on with Luke.

However, Haddix continues to develop all of her characters and this portion of the story is Trey's as he and Luke's brother, Mark, set out to rescue Luke. Lacking self-confidence, Trey never felt he was brave or worthy until fate steps in and makes him do things he never thought possible. This novel features more action t This is probably my favorite book in the series.

This novel features more action than any of the others and the fear is palatable. The prison camp scenes are reminiscent of concentration camps or similar war prisons. Haddix's use of odd place names also harken to a Russian or Eastern European setting. Even though the novel takes place in the United States of the future based on subtle clues throughout the series, these place names lends an otherworldly fear to this overall tone.

Haddix is to be commended for being unrelenting in her approach. She does not sugar coat the danger or the effects of the actions. View 2 comments. Nov 15, Andy McCoy rated it it was amazing. This book is about a kid named Trey. He is a elegal third child and families can only have two children per family. Trey and his friends escape the Grants house.

Among the Brave

They travle to Lee Grants house. He is a eleagal third child. His real name is Luke but Trey does not know that. Luke goes up to the frount door steep of a erson named Goerge Talbot and when he gets their Mr. Talbot does not seem so nice. Then the population police show up. Trey hides until the population police leave. Then he goes in t This book is about a kid named Trey. Then he goes in the house and Mr.

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Talbot is not thier. After he meats Mrs. Talbot he goeso over to the house Lee was in. Mark is Lee's brother says that the population police took him. I loved this book. It had so much action. I love all these books. It was a diffrent main character, but I liked it alot. Aug 13, Mimi rated it really liked it Shelves: older-children.

Trey has done one brave thing in his life: saving L's life at the end of the previous book. Now he is on his own out in the open world. He spent his first twelve years living in one room and never leaving, so just breathing outdoor air is an act of bravery for him. Can he find it within himself to save his friends who are in danger from the new and worse! If you're reading all my reviews, then you'll see how quickly I've read these.

As I said in the first review, they are written at Trey has done one brave thing in his life: saving L's life at the end of the previous book. As I said in the first review, they are written at around a fifth grade reading level I think , so they are a fast read for an adult and very suspenseful, so it is hard to not keep reading! Jan 06, Alanna P rated it it was amazing.

Although I felt the book started slow with a character I had a hard time connecting with in early books, it only took a couple chapters to hook me with the story line and to develop a new side to a familiar character. I felt like I grew and changed with the characters and truly believe that this story might be a metaphor for the way that many people feel in their lives today.

Aug 15, Divya rated it really liked it. A very different book, a wholly outdoor adventure at last. Very surprising that things fell into place that easily in the end. You would think the leader of the Liber group, or whatever they call themselves, would be better guarded.

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But this sets the stage for the final battle, and another switch over from Luke to Trey opens up the door for further self-discovery. Jan 23, Rebecca norton rated it it was amazing. The reason I love rhis book is because there isn't one page that you aren't scared for the character's life. I love the characters. How they have all been so traumatized and still can be so brave. The main character in this book is Trey, who in this book series is considered to be the weakling and turns out to be a real hero. He saved other people from death even though he was afraid. Oct 03, Vianni Richards rated it it was amazing.

It's cool to see Peterson change perspectives throughout the series. This time, it was from the point of view of Trey, the "World's Biggest Coward. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Children's literature portal. Among The Enemy. We knew we wanted to have more than one. And then I began writing about the boy, in a novel called Among the Hidden. When I originally wrote Among the Hidden, I had no intention of writing more than just the one book about shadow children and Population Police.

But I wanted to stop before I became repetitious. So Among the Free will stay as the last book. I shifted to writing another series, The Missing , boy. You may have noticed that I never actually gave an exact time and place for the story. I wanted readers to think about whether this is something that could happen in the United States, if there were droughts and famines and an extreme change in the government. So I wanted to make readers think. I could have given an exact year—I was picturing everything as happening twenty or thirty years in the future.