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Australia continues to debate how it should position itself in a world shaped by the rise of China.

Contemporary China – Resource Guides

Domestically, Chinese investment in certain sectors is coming under increased scrutiny, while the Australian Government's response to the geopolitical implications of China's growing wealth and power has been uncertain. The end of the mining boom raises a whole new set of questions about how social, economic and political affairs in the Chinese century should be managed.

As a focal point for the University's China expertise, the Centre can inform these debates and help guide business people, policy-makers, educators and the general public as they negotiate the Asian Century. The Asia Scholars Program provides new joint appointments across the Faculty of Arts, targeting outstanding scholars from the Asia region. The Program builds the Faculty's research, teaching and engagement profile through collaborative research projects and joint publications with scholars from the best universities in the Asia region. Whyte Harvard University. Yao Yang was at the Centre from mid-July to August , after short visits in and , strengthening the collaboration between the Centre and Peking University's National School of Development on China's economic transition and development.

Chinese art: Modern and contemporary

Martin Whyte joins the Centre and the School of Social and Political Sciences for three months in February to May , continuing in and by contributing to teaching and collaborative research on the sociology of contemporary China. Asia Scholars. As the University of Melbourne's hub for Chinese Studies, the Centre provides students with an interdisciplinary, collaborative and rigorous research environment in which to pursue their interests.

Addressing the challenges and opportunities of the Asian Century necessitates closer understanding of and partnership with China on a number of fronts. Understanding contemporary China is part of defining the contours of economic cooperation, such as through trade and investment and taxes; political collaboration such as effective diplomacy and sustainable security; and social connection through building peer-to-peer linkages and addressing shared social challenges such as an ageing population. Our team of early career and established researchers can supervise students on topics including economic development, public finance, public administration, governance, trade and security, social policy health, education, housing , urbanisation land use, zoning, rural-to-urban migration , agricultural development, environmental management and other topics.

Initial enquiries should be directed to china-centre unimelb. More information on the Doctor of Philosophy Arts. Please note: The table in the accordion below lists students currently undertaking PhD studies with the Centre and the title of their theses. For more information please see the Scholarships Graduate Research Scholarships web page and the Faculty of Arts Graduate research scholarships web page. The Oriental Studies Trust Fund - Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies Scholarship is a living allowance to be awarded annually to students who have applied for admission to or are currently enrolled in a PhD degree at the University of Melbourne on a topic related to public policy, economics and society related to Chinese public policy.

Applications for this scholarship are not currently open. For more information please email China Centre. Ai countered by saying "General Mao used to tell us that we can only build a new world if we destroy the old one. In its literal iconoclasm and spotlight on hypocrisy, this smashed vase embodies the central message Ai would continue to explore.

Also known as the "Gate of Heavenly Peace", and formerly the front entrance to the Forbidden City, this was also the site of the brutal massacre in in which state soldiers shot peaceful protesters. The Beijiing government still refuses to discuss it, and censors all footage of the event. Study of Perspective Tiananmen Square was part of a series begun in and completed in The central rule that objects closer to the eye must appear larger is being used to showcase an offensive gesture expressing Ai's basic disdain for state power, which is by no means limited to China.

When Ai was arrested and interrogated by the Chinese police in , his interviewers limited their questions, however, to this particular photograph, demanding an explanation. Ai stated that he had meant to target "Feudalism", explaining that the gate had been built by a Ming Emperor. While Ai's interrogators could not acknowledge it, they were no doubt aware of another layer of visual symbolism. In its resemblance to "tank man", an unidentified protestor photographed in facing a line of tanks, Ai's finger, standing alone against symbols of state power at the center of this image, is a provocative stand in for a figure strictly banned in the Chinese media, and therefore truly and brilliantly provocative.

Aesthetically, it recalls the glass and steel cubes of Minimalism.

Donald Judd and Robert Morris were among the artists Ai admired. At the same time, it is made out of tea one smells its pungent odor from afar setting it apart from anything a Minimalist would make. Much tea in China is still produced in compressed cubes, so this is also an enlarged form of an everyday domestic item. While in the West, drinking tea especially from Chinese porcelain has historically been a status symbol, tea is the everyday drink in China.

The brand here is one of the most common. In a much less dramatic way than Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn , Ai's act of making tea into Minimalist sculpture calls attention to divisions between past and present. Ai's awareness of Western trends and Eastern ideas locates the work at the center of a global matrix crisscrossing the world, a persistent feature of his approach as an artist. Content compiled and written by Ruth Epstein. Updated and modified regularly. By using our site, you agree to our terms , and usage of cookies. GOT IT! The Art Story.

Artists Ai Weiwei. Jan W.

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